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2017 Spring Semester


6 February 2018


The Challenge of Jesus

John Dominic Crossan
Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies
DePaul University, Chicago

20 February 2018


Climate Shock: It's not over ‘til the

fat tail zings

Gernot Wagner, Ph.D.
Financial Times Prize-winning author
Research Associate and lecturer
Environmental Science and Public Policy
Harvard School of Engineering & Science 

6 March 2018


Climate Change Solutions: What You Thought You Knew Is Obsolete

Joseph Romm
Founding Editor,
Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
Chief Science Advisor for the Emmy-winning TV series 

"Years of Living Dangerously"
Author, "Climate Change: What Everyone Needs To Know

2018 Fall Semester

23 October 2018

The role of the Commons 
in the Coming Transformation

Michel Bauwens 
Founder - Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives 
External expert at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (2008, 2012)

6 November 2018

Laudato Si  and Processes of Desertification, Lands Degradation and Poverty

Héctor Julio Cobello
Professor of Geography and History
Catholic Movement World of Fight Against Desertification
Of Land Degradation and Poverty (MCMLDP)

Holistic Sustainability

Sylvia Lindinger-Sternart, Ph.D. 
Director & Assistant Professor Counseling
University of Providence